Design-Driven Quadrangulation of Closed 3D Curves

ACM Transactions on Graphics (Proc. SIGGRAPH ASIA 2012), Volume 31, Issue 5, December 2012


We propose a novel, design-driven, approach to quadrangulation of closed 3D curves created by sketch-based or other curve modeling systems. Unlike the multitude of approaches for quad-remeshing of existing surfaces, we rely solely on the input curves to both conceive and construct the quad-mesh of an artist imagined surface bounded by them. We observe that viewers complete the intended shape by envisioning a dense network of smooth, gradually changing, flow-lines that interpolates the input curves. Components of the network bridge pairs of input curve segments with similar orientation and shape.

Our algorithm mimics this behavior. It first segments the input closed curves into pairs of matching segments, defining dominant flow line sequences across the surface. It then interpolates the input curves by a network of quadrilateral cycles whose iso-lines define the desired flow line network. We proceed to interpolate these networks with all-quad meshes that convey designer intent. We evaluate our results by showing convincing quadrangulations of complex and diverse curve networks with concave, non-planar cycles, and validate our approach by comparing our results to artist generated interpolating meshes.

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