HDR-VDP-2: A calibrated visual metric for visibility and quality predictions in all luminance conditions

RafaƂ Mantiuk, Kil Joong Kim, Allan G. Rempel, Wolfgang Heidrich

Bangor University, Seoul National University, The University of British Columbia

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For the source code as well as the latest and most up-to-date information, consult the Sourceforge home page.


HDR-VDP is a visual metric that compares a pair of images (a reference and a test image) and predicts:

What is new in HDR-VDP-2

HDR-VDP-2 is a major revision of the original HDR-VDP. The entire architecture of the metric and the visual model have been changed to improve accuracy of the predictions. The most important changes are: The previous version of the HDR-VDP can be still found at the MPI web-pages and in the SourceForge file archive.
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