Video Viewing Preferences for HDR Displays Under Varying Ambient Illumination

Allan G. Rempel1,2, Wolfgang Heidrich1, Hiroe Li2, RafaƂ Mantiuk1

(1) The University of British Columbia, (2) Dolby Canada

Individual subject data

The following images show the logged data for each subject. The two subjects considered to be outliers are shown at the end of this set.

For each subject there are 6 images. The top 3 images show the subject's brightness settings under each of the 3 different ambient lighting conditions. The bottom 3 images show the percentiles of the relative luminance values of the video being viewed during the session. Note that each set of 3 bottom images is the same; only the ordering is different, due to the random orderings for different subjects. The time scale of each pair (top and bottom) of images is aligned so that one may compare image brightness over time with the subject's settings over the same time. We did not find any correlation between the relative luminance of the video content and the temporary brightness adjustment.

Ambient 7 lux

Ambient 70 lux

Ambient 700 lux


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