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Happy Holiday!
Department Party
Dec. 12
Anyone wanting/willing to do a skit, please contact Joanna!
Imager Party (in the lab)
Dec. 17
time TBA
Thanks to Leah for organizing the party!

A very special welcome to two new babies!

Colin and Melanie's baby, Quentin!
...and Karon and Rich's new baby girl!
Imager lab member Peng Zhao was on the UBC 1 team, which placed third at the ACM Programming Contest for the Pacific Northwest Region. Lisa, she has defended her Ph.D.! Barry, Karyn, Leah, and Tim (and all their co-authors), for their CHI publications!
HCI Demo Night
The HCI Demo night was a great success! Here are some photo's from the night:
Upcoming Grad Seminars
More information can be found here. Timeslot: Tuesday, 12:30-2:00 (Tentative), in MCLD410
Finding a Research Supervisor and Thesis TopicJan 13
Learning to Network and MingleJan 20
Individual Graduate Research TalksMarch 6
Grad Student Round TableMarch 30
Upcoming Events
Name: Presenter: Presented By: Date: Time: Place:
Cognitive Principles of Interactivity and Design David Kirsh Virtual Colloquium Series Dec. 5, 2003 1:00-2:00pm EST
Attentive User Interfaces: Interacting with Groups of Users Roel Vertegaal Kelly Booth (Host) Monday, Dec. 8 11:30-1:00 FSC 1221
ASI Exchange Advanced Systems Institute of BC (ASI) Tuesday, March 9, 2004 9:00-5:00 Enterprise Hall at the Plaza of Nations
Upcoming Conferences
Please let me know of any conferences you would like to see listed here.
WSCG February 2-6 2004 Plzen, Czech Republic
CHI April 24-29 2004 Vienna, Austria
Graphics Interface May 17-19 2004 London, Ontario
CRV2004 May 17-19 2004 London, Ontario
CASA May 26-28 2004 Geneva, Switzerland
Advanced Visual Interfaces (AVI) May 25-28, 2004 Gallipoli (Lecce), Italy
CSCWD May 26-28 2004 Xiamen, P.R. China
SIGGRAPH August 8-12 2004 Los Angeles, California
Do we look longer at what we like, or like what we look longer at?
Does gaze bias our preference, reflect our preference, or both? Here's the link to the article: Gaze bias both reflects and influences preference.
Thanks to Jim Little
The Meatrix
If you liked the Matrix and you're a vegetarian, or considered it, or only eat free range, or....
...then you should find this amusing, or disturbing, or ...
The Meatrix
PC Pests Cause Stress
Computer users need to stem the stress their machines cause them before it damages health, according to a survey.
Here's the full article.
Thanks Jason!
Drop me a line if you want anything in the next newsletter: Rhian [davies at cs] All items greatly appreciated!