The information presented here is out of date and is no longer being maintained. Please visit our current website at for the most up-to-date information.

Imager Computer Science UBC

Imager Meetings

Monthly Imager Social

2006–2007 time: 4th Wednesday of each month, 12:30–2PM, rotating between labs.

Includes pizza, drinks, and demos of current work from each Imager faculty member's students.

The detailed schedule is available on the Imager wiki (login required).

Weekly Technical Meetings

AMoRe (Animation, Modeling, and Rendering)

Wednesdays, 3–4PM, room X736
Graphics paper discussions and talks.

IDRG (Interaction Design Reading Group)

Tuesdays, 10–11AM, room X836
HCI paper discussions and talks.

SPIN (Sensory Perception and Interaction)

Thursdays, 11:30–12:30PM, room X146
Haptics paper discussions and talks.

DGPRG (Digital Geometry Processing Reading Group)

Every Monday, 11–12AM, room x618
DGP paper discussions and talks.


Imager Lab Meetings: 2004
Imager Lab Meetings: Sept. 1999 - Aug. 2001

AMoRe Meetings: Sept. 2004–Aug. 2005
AMoRe Meetings: Sept. 2003–Aug. 2004
AMoRe Meetings: May–July 2003
AMoRe Meetings: Jan.–Nov. 2002