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sony_disc software

This software is very straight forward. is basically GUI front end for the Sony LVR, on Maybelline. It gives you transport controls for the deck as well as giving one the ability to run playback scripts.

In order to run sony_disc you must have /imager/local/bin in your path. If it isn't, change to that directory and type ./sony_disc.

There is another version which is command driven rather than GUI based, it is called sony_disc_control. When this is run a help menu is given. As you can guess this makes using this software really easy. This is generally the preferred software to record animation sequences to the LVR.

/imager/local/bin must be in your path to run sony_disc_control. If it isn't, change to that directory and type ./sony_disc_control.

Animation sequences can be recorded by using recording scripts. These scripts are made up of 'display' commands (these are Vertigo commands) each of these commands will display a picture, either to the screen or to the frame buffer. To get it to disc it must go to the frame buffer.

It isn't working? Check the Trouble Shooting guide.

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