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Using Lucille for video transfers

The first thing to note is that this is a HUGE waste of resources! Lucy is a fast machine and is great to use for things that run poorly on other machines. The reason Lucy is used for this is that she has a frame buffer which can take the video in and spew it right back out. The advantage of doing this is that it strengthens the sync signal in the process. The disadvantages are that it sends your video though one more piece of hardware which degrades it, and that Lucy is being used solely as a sync regenerator.

If you must do this (i.e. there is no other way to do it) this is how to do it:

  1. Take whatever output format the machine you want to dump from supports and plug it into the Vid/IO box.
  2. Take the RGB outs as well as the sync out (from the Vid/IO box) and connect them to Lucille's inputs. (There are big black cables hanging from the tray above Lucilles console, one bundle of four should be labeled 'video in'.)
  3. Take Lucy's video outs, plug them into the Vid/IO box.
  4. Use the output type on the Vid/IO box that is the same format as the unit you are connecting to and connect it to that unit.*
  5. Set Lucille up to have video pass right through. To do this you must run vlipanel and use the appropriate setting.

You are now ready to go!

*NOTE: If you need RGB inputs on the destination recorder there is no point in going through steps 3 and 4, just connect Lucy's outputs straight to the destination recorder, and do step 5.

This file was last updated Sept 27, 1994 by Marcello Lioy