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Video Transfer between U-Matic and BetaCam

The BetaCam deck is not on Maybelline, but on a separate trolley of it's own. It usually lives in Imager Light.

U-Matic --> BetaCam

In order to do this it is necessary to use the MX-1 video mixer (MX-1), which usually lives in imager light.

What's required is:

The cables can be found on the cable tree in imager light (that is assuming that people have been putting things back where they find them.) The setup is as follows:

    *Start with MX-1 off*

  1. U-Matic line out (3/4 out on patchbay) --> input 1 of the video mixer.
  2. MX-1 output (S-VHS if possible) --> S-VHS in on the BetaCam (set the input switch to S-VHS on front panel.)
  3. Connect preview out (on MX-1) --> video input for the old monitor. >LI> Connect the composite output of the BetaCam to one of the inputs on the monitor on Maybelline (via the patch bay).
  4. Turn on the BetaCam and the U-Matic (if they are not already on), then turn on the MX-1.
  5. Press Shift + Setup on MX-1.
    You will see a set of five icons, the important one is the lock.
  6. Using the diamond in the middle of the keypad, move to the lock. Press either the up or down arrow to toggle TBC off (value should read 1).
  7. Press Shift + Setup on MX-1 again to return to the main screen.
Remember that to put the BetaCam into record both the Play and Record buttons must be depressed. It is also safe to ignore the NO REF! error message shown in the BetaCam's display. Now you a ready to begin copying the video.

An alternate method that works is running the video through Lucille. This is NOT recommended.

BetaCam --> U-Matic

This is quite straight forward as well:
  1. Use the composite output on the back of the BetaCam (labeled video out.), and connect that to the composite in of the U-Matic deck (on the patchbay, it is labeled as 3/4 in)

This document was last modified Oct 10, 1994, by Marcello Lioy