Creating Facial Actions with Hierarchical Splines.

This web page is intended to provide some additional detail about how hierarchical splines (hsplines) are used in facial animation. It is not intended to be a tutorial on facial animation, but may grow to be that way in the future, depending upong the feedback I get.

Below are screen shots of the main window of the Dragon Editor in use. The funny lines in the middle of the image are the world axis. Note that the back of the head was turned off manually to aid in visibility. Note also that the control graph is not visible (nor is it used in the editor).

Figure 1: The basic model.

This particular model sculpts the head as a cylinder with one opening at the mouth, the other at the top of the head. This model consists of 4 levels of hierarchy. The complete hierarchy is shown in Figure 1 where increased resolution has been used to add detail around the upper lip, nose and eyes. Figure 2 shows the simplified model at Level 1 and Figure 3 shows Level 0.

Figure 2. Level 1

Figure 3. Level 0

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