Created on 27 June 1997.
Last modified on 5 August 2000.

General Development Plans

The basic illusion suite framework and preliminary set of illusions is nearing completion. The only substantial gap remaining is the text to fill out the guided tour pages. I have yet to receive much if any feedback regarding the overall design of the presentation so some aspects may need changing after exposure to a larger audience.

There are also a number of outstanding details relating to the existing illusion demos. A list is maintained in the action items section below.

After the existing set of illusions have been put into a presentable form, then additions can begin. The first priority here is to create a set of templates, both for the HTML text and the Java code, along with instructions that are sufficiently detailed to allow modestly experienced programmers to add their own illusions to the collection. Then, as time permits, I will add new illusions myself. Candidates for illusion are listed below.

Specific Action Items

New Illusions

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