Source Code for Illusion Applets

This page provides pointers to the Java source code for the illusion applets available here. The code is based on version 1.0.4 of the JDK. Although it has not been updated for the new AWT event model introduced with Java 1.1, the applets should still work in modern browsers and applet viewers.

The code may be freely used and distributed with only one restriction: that you not remove my name or introductory remarks from the comments contained in each Java source file. Please also take particular note of the comments there explaining that this was the author's first experiment with Java. The code has not been prepared for public consumption, and undoubtedly does many things in non-standard or needlessly difficult ways.

To reduce loading times, the applets are not loaded immediately with the Web page that contains them. Instead, a simple AppletStarter class is used to load applet classes as the user requests that they be run. This AppletStart class and a WindowApplet class conspire to provide a common framework for each specific applet:

The remaining classes implement the specific illusions applets.