Wavelets at Imager

Here at Imager, we've been doing some work with wavelets, those clever little multiresolution basis functions. We're releasing some of our work via this page, as described below.

The Course "Wavelets and their Applications in Computer Graphics"

This course, taught at SIGGRAPHs '94 and '95, was organized by Dr. Alain Fournier . It includes presentations by a number of experienced wavelet researchers.

You can download the notes accompanying the SIGGRAPH '95 presentation of this course. These are in the form of a (UNIX) compressed file 3.4MB in size that uncompresses to an 11.0MB PostScript(tm) file. The printed document is 239 pages long. These notes are provided through the courtesy of Dr. Fournier.

If you have difficulty downloading this file over the Web, it is also available via FTP at node "ftp.cs.ubc.ca" in directory "/pub/local/bobl/wvlt" as file "notes.ps.Z".

wvlt - The Imager Wavelet Library

The Imager Wavelet Library (wvlt) is a small set of routines that allow the user to manipulate wavelets. This package includes C source for the library and for three sample binaries that call it, some demos, and some (sparse) documentation. It was described in the above course.

You can download a UNIX shar file (its size is about 164KB) of the most recent release, 2.1, of this package. Alternatively, you can download a DOS zip file (about 148KB) with the same contents, except that the text files are in DOS format and compiled DOS executables are included.

If you have difficulty downloading the file you want over the Web, they are also available via FTP at node "ftp.cs.ubc.ca" in directory "/pub/local/bobl/wvlt" as files "wvlt_r2_1.shar" (UNIX) or "wvltr21.zip" (DOS).

This software is released to the public domain and is provided without any support expressed or implied. Nevertheless, the author, Bob Lewis, is willing to receive by email reports of any unexpected behaviour or suggestions for improvements.

Last updated by Bob Lewis on 23 August 1995.