VideHoc: A Visualizer for Homogeneous Coordinates

This is a program that runs on SGI platforms (IRIX 5.x) which is intended to help students and researchers visualize two-dimensional constructions in homogeneous coordinates. You can download Release 1.2 of the SGI executable (0.35MB).

A poster on this program was presented at the Eleventh Annual ACM Symposium on Computational Geometry (June 4-6, 1995, in Vancouver, BC). You can download a PostScript copy of the poster (2.7MB), which makes a handy one-page guide to the operation of the program. It is slightly out-of-date with respect to Release 1.2, but is still useful.

This software is released to the public domain and is provided without any support expressed or implied. Nevertheless, the author, Bob Lewis, is willing to receive by email reports of any unexpected behaviour or suggestions for improvements.

Last updated by Bob Lewis on 27 October 1995. Send comments to him.