The Emerald Distributed Programming Language


This page describes the research on the Emerald Distributed Programming Language. Please be patient, this area is under construction. Thanks!



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Emerald is implemented in a style similar to Java (and Pascal, and Simula, and ...): the Emerald compiler (which is writen in Emerald, of course) generates byte codes which are then interpreted by a relatively portable interpreter. The interpreter takes care of finding remote objects, performing remote invocations, moving objects, and doing both local and distributed garbage collection.

This is the second implementation of Emerald. The original one generated machine code for the machine of the year (originally Vax, then Sun3, Sun4, and Alpha).

The implementation for Linux, FreeBSD, SPARC/Solaris, HP-PA/HPUX, and Win95/NT is now available, look here for details.

Created by Norm Hutchinson, 05 June 1995. Last updated: 19 February 1998