The Emerald Distribution

An alpha quality distribution of Emerald is available now for educational and private use.

For the unix variants, all you need to do is extract the tar file into /usr/local. If you wish to extract to another directory, you will need to set the environment variable EMERALDROOT to point to the directory you extracted to.

For Windows95 and Windows NT, you will need to create a directory c:\emerald, and extract the zip file into that directory, then add c:\emerald to your path.

Under Windows95 or WindowsNT earlier than 4.0, you need to edit your autoexec.bat file to include c:\emerald\bin in your path. This is most easily done by adding a line like:

somewhere near the end of the file.

If you are running windows NT 4.0+ you might consider adding the PATH variable to Environment under Controlpanel/System, instead of your Autoexec.bat

Created by Norm Hutchinson, 05 June 1995. Last updated: 22 Feb 1999.