Automated Design of Heuristic Algorithms from Components

Project Leader:

Dr. Holger H. Hoos (University of British Columbia)

Project Description:

Algorithms for solving difficult computational problems play a key role in many applications, including scheduling, resource allocation, computer-aided design, and software verification. In many cases, heuristic methods are the key to solving these problems effectively. However, the design of effective heuristic algorithms, particularly algorithms for solving computationally hard problems, is a difficult task that requires considerable expertise. Designers of such algorithms require not only deep knowledge on heuristic algorithms and the problem to be solved, but also extensive experience in the design of effective heuristic algorithms and their empirical evaluation. This project is part of an effort to support human designers and end users of high-performance heuristic algorithms with computational methods (i.e., algorithms) and software tools that automate parts of the design, performance optimisation and evaluation process. The resulting methods and tools for computer-assisted algorithm design will be of great value to organisations that have to solve hard computational problems on an ongoing basis, such as companies in the resource and service sectors.