CPSC 545/445 - Course Outline

Subject to minor modifications and updates throughout the terms - stay tuned!

Module 1: Introduction and Basics (ca. 2 weeks)

Module 2: Sequence Alignment (ca. 1.5 weeks)

Module 3: Phylogenetic Trees (ca. 1.5 weeks)

Module 4: Gene Finding and Motif Discovery (ca. 1.5 weeks)

Module 5: RNA and Protein Structure (ca. 1.5 weeks)

Module 6: Gene Expression Analysis and Regulatory Networks (ca. 1.5 weeks)

Module 7: Biomolecular Computing (ca. 1.5 weeks)

This outline is similar (but not identical) to that of previous incarnations of this course, such as CPSC536a (Spring 2002)

last update 03/09/08, hh