CPSC 445 - Final Examinations

Date of final exams: Wed, 10 Dec 2004
Room: CICSR/CS 187 (Holger's office)
Time: see the following list (slots were assigned based on student numbers)

   Zheng, Grace 10:20-10:40
   Charania, Imran 10:40-11:00
   Zhang, Nan 11:00-11:20
   Qu, Hongbo 11:20-11:40
   Ma, Patrick Yinan 11:40-12:00
   Le, Viet 12:00-12:20
   Zhang, Wei 12:50-13:10
   Farnoud, Noushin 13:10-13:30
   Field, Matthew Arnell 13:30-13:50
   Baumann, Niki 13:50-14:10
   Kawas, Edward 14:10-14:30
   Chari, Rajagopal 14:30-14:50

About the exam:

Good luck with your preparations! (And don't hesitate to contact Holger if you encounter any questions or difficulties.)

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