Software Engineer in Test

Keywords Studios
Job Year Level
Fourth year
Graduated Undergrad
Job Type
Full Time

The Quality Verification team is looking for Software Engineer in Test to partner with our test and development teams to create and deploy technical automation. You will debug complex problems and breathe new life into technical roadblocks, working with our test and development teams to ensure existing and new features run smoothly and work effectively. With no bug too small, you understand that creating seamless automation solutions is the key to defect prevention, not simply defect detection. This team works collaboratively with the development and test team, they are not a testing team


Must Have Requirements:

  • 2+ years’ professional experience with a solid proficiency in C#
  • Writing automation – C# is required (No substitutions such as Selenium, Soaptest etc) The No substitutions is due to all automation being created in house in C# and not using off the shelf automation tools.
  • A Scripting language is highly desirable - JavaScript, Groovy
  • A strong understanding of testing methodologies - Ability to test own scripts, Update scripts, Debug process & Fix bugs on existing scripts
  • Excel experience is required
  • Ability to quickly adapt to new systems and learn in-house tools
  • Understanding Software Development Life-Cycle processes - Agile experience is huge plus
  • Experience with version control and build systems
  • BS in Computer Science/Engineering or equivalent industry experience - 1-2 years of industry Software experience.


Daily/Weekly tasks

  • Writing Automation in C# - Building automation tools/Test automation scripts
  • Develops and executes automated unit testing suites.
  • Clarifies how features should work to eliminate ambiguous requirements
  • Provide feedback on testability during design reviews
  • Proactively reviews his/her automation strategy for completeness with leads
  • Takes responsibility for all tasks related to his/her assigned features
  • Excel – (May be called upon to pull data from defect tracking systems into excel for consumption by QA teams)