Software Engineer- Payments Team

Job Year Level
Fourth year
Graduated Undergrad
Graduated Masters
Job Type
Full Time

Are you a self proclaimed tech enthusiast who is passionate about solving business problems through data driven decision making? Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit and a drive to make business processes better with your technical and business expertise? The payments team at Procurify is looking for an experienced software engineer to help solve complex payment problems and we want to hear from you!

What you’ll do

You will work closely with the Procurify payments product and implementation teams to design, plan, and create high quality systems that track and process payments. Our customers currently track billions of dollars worth of spend through Procurify. You will be vital in contributing to a team that is aiming to double the size of the entire company over the next 2 years by processing a portion of that. Our payment systems are currently written with Python, NodeJS, and React. You will also:

  • Work closely with our visual design team to continuously integrate and develop our component library

  • Work closely with an implementation team to design, architect and implement spend management systems 

  • Collaborate with other Front End Engineers to decide on best practices, tools and processes that will drive the entire engineering team forward

  • Work in a dynamic, rapidly changing environment, specifically in 2 week sprints

  • Refactor legacy features using the latest web technologies

  • Keep up to date and lead on best practices to help us craft guidelines and maintain standards for the team

What you’ll need

  • Track record of building and maintaining large-scale software products.

  • Experience with server side technologies like NodeJS and PostgreSQL

  • Experience building or contributing to systems that manage/process payments

  • Experience integrating payment related web technologies

  • A history of building and maintaining large scale web applications

  • Strong time management and organizational skills

  • Passion for development and the willingness to take risks and fail

  • Familiarity working with cross-browser compatibility issues

  • A strong grasp of user experience and design sensibilities

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