Kloak Information Technology Inc,
Job Year Level
Second year
Third year
Fourth year
Graduated Undergrad
Job Type
Part Time

Kloak Information Technologies Inc. is bringing the next generation of internet security and networking freedom through the development of its cutting-edge technology that allows users to utilize the internet without the use of an IP address. This provides a truly secure and private access to the internet as well as the freedom to access the internet with the only limitations being those placed by the user themselves. This technology will be utilized to bring unrivaled freedom to previously censored areas globally and truly ferry an age of globalized information.

Job Type: 

Part-Time with a possibility of transitioning to Full-Time; Temporary with the possibility of becoming a regular.

Job Overview: 

An individual who is able to write out instructions on setting up and utilizing a new app that could be downloaded from a website on the computer. This would require shadowing the lead coding programmer to gain insight into the application and how it will work. The individual will then be tasked with writing a short instruction manual on how to download, and operate the app.

Within engineering, we are looking for a QA Engineer who is excited to get into the guts of our products and services. This position will help ensure that our prospective customers enjoy a seamless experience interacting with our digital interface.

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