Intermediate Java Software Engineer

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Intermediate Java Software Engineer


Product Development

Vancouver, BC, Canada

Tasktop is a young, energetic software company building software tools for software engineers.  Our culture is centered around a well-defined Agile process, focusing on high quality software engineering.  We practice extensive code reviews, refactoring, automation, and continuous delivery, and we are constantly striving to improve how we work.  Tasktop is committed to your career, hosting quarterly “code jams”, weekly discussions on technology, regular one-on-ones with your manager, and a well-defined engineering career ladder.


We are looking for an experienced engineer to help re-architect our industry leading product to meet the new and emerging demands of our customers and provide leadership to two teams of highly skilled engineers.  The ideal candidate is bold and decisive, and enjoys leading technical discussions and mentoring junior and intermediate level engineers.  This is a chance to work with a company that prides itself on its engineering skill and practices, and help us continue to be an industry leader.  We are offering an opportunity to grow your career amongst amazing engineers, and a chance to make a significant impact within Tasktop.


Things you’ll be working on:

You will initially start on one of the delivery teams, working with a Product Manager, our Customer Success, and Pre-sales departments in a highly collaborative manner.  You will be:

  • Driving technical and process innovation

  • Working with teams to implement new features and improve the product architecture

  • Working with the Product Manager on new product features

  • Working with our Customer Success department to resolve customer defects

  • Improving the extensive automated build, test and continuous release infrastructure

  • Mentoring junior and intermediate engineers.


Ideal candidates have:

  • 3-7 years of professional software development experience and a proven ability to deliver.

  • Excellent Java and Javascript programming, testing, and software design experience.

  • Deep experience in Java and Javascript frameworks, libraries and design patterns.

  • Experience working with Spring Boot Framework

  • A strong understanding and belief in modern coding and design principles.

  • Experience building front-end Javascript applications with Angular, React or another leading Javascript framework.

  • Experience working with business analysts and product managers to guide the development of software features from customer problem to delivered solution

  • Experience in writing well-tested software using JUnit and other testing tools.

  • Familiarity with using web APIs with a focus on REST.

  • Knowledge of best practices in software design and Agile development process.

  • Self-motivated, independent, and team-oriented.

  • Burning desire to teach, learn and grow.


If you know some of this stuff, that’s even better:

  • Experience in building web APIs and software that uses web services.

  • Experience with scripting languages (Ruby, Python, Bash, etc.).

  • Experience with DevOps automation tools (Docker, Chef, Ansible, etc).

  • Experience creating application deployed on cloud architectures (IaaS, Paas, such as Amazon EC2, Microsoft Azure, OpenStack, CloudFoundry, Google App Engine).

  • Experience in creating modular systems with Maven.

  • Contributions to open source projects.

  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science or related field, or equivalent experience

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