Embedded Systems Hardware Engineer

Vancouver BC
Job Year Level
Graduated Masters
Graduated PhD
Job Type
Full Time

Join the Apprate team!

Apprate is a growing start up building a complete IOT system for the road construction industry. We are building a work site system where all equipment is connected and sharing data at every step of the paving process in real-time.


  • How much tonnage was loaded in a truck.
  • Number of tonnage delivered and the duration of travel
  • Real time laydown rate,  heavy or light / overrunning or underrunning
  • Distance a truck tonnage moves paver
  • Roller density, number of passes to get it
  • Plant tonnage output
  • Truck data management
  • Asphalt analytics
  • Predictive A.I. Systems

This is a role for someone that is formidable and confident to take things head on.

You are: Driven, adaptive, organically innovative and collaborative. Geared towards novel ideas and processes, honed for out of the box thinking. A natural leader, eager for the opportunity to build a world class team from the group.

Technical skills:

  • Masters or PhD in comp-sci and or electrical engineering.
  • Fluent in C++, react and at home working with embedded systems. Confident while integrating various hardware components, software and building out A.I. / A.R. systems.

What you get:

  • Co-founder level equity
  • Competitive wages
  • Hyper growth position in company
  • Opportunity to work with world class VC’s
  • Work with industry leaders

Join a team building a disruptive hyper growth company!

Please email resume, cover letter, copy of transcripts, links to samples of work to brock@apprate.co