Applied Data Scientist

Elpha Secure
Vancouver, BC, Remote
Job Year Level
Graduated Undergrad
Graduated Masters
Graduated PhD
Job Type
Full Time

Job Title: Applied Data Scientist

Location: Vancouver or remote

Benefits: Full benefits in the US; full benefits (and CAD salary) in Canada

Projected Start Date: Between now and January 2022

Job Description: Help us build and maintain Machine Learning (ML) models for cybersecurity problems. Our ideal candidate has experience working with a range of ML technologies, and can take those skills and apply them to the cybersecurity domain. In this role, you would collaborate to identify cybersecurity problems, collect and analyze large-scale datasets, and develop novel solutions before deploying them into production.

We’re hiring data science professionals who can share responsibility for the design, testing, and maintenance of our ML pipeline. You should also be willing to iterate with feedback from the team; we have a culture of close collaboration, and team members are expected to share their insight and expertise. This is an exciting opportunity to join a team of experienced developers who have built out a strong tech base and are ready to accelerate the company’s growth in a new sector.


  • BS/MS/PhD in Computer Science or related quantitative field
  • Experience with ML technologies and methodologies (ranging from classic ML models to more recent deep neural networks)
  • Proficient with Python and Pytorch
  • Bonus: Experience with systematic model management and deployment (MLOps)
  • Bonus: Familiarity with conducting literature reviews to find and design novel solutions

About Us: Elpha Secure is a startup in the cybersecurity and insurance space, building proprietary protection and coverage into a single risk control tool for the first time ever. Small and midsize businesses that may not realize their cyber risk — or know how to manage it — can rely on our software to reduce the chance of a cyberattack, and our insurance policy is there to shield them from the consequences of a breach. We aim to offer a unique level of digital resilience that’s accessible, affordable, and beneficial for businesses everywhere.