Collaboration Opportunities


Engage in research with our faculty members

Our department has 46 research faculty, over 200 graduate students, and 8 research labs. Research collaboration could take the form of internships, research grants, and application for matching NSERC funding. If you are interested in knowing which faculty members are conducting research in your area, please email Michele Ng.

Sponsor a Distinguished Speaker

Sponsor an international expert as part of our CS Distinguished Lecture series and be recognized at the event, on the web, and in printed material.

Participate in Industry/Research Workshops

Workshops and colloquia are held on an ongoing basis in our department to bring together industry, faculty, graduate and undergraduate students and discuss research and industry/academia collaborations. We are actively seeking industry guest speakers for technical talks and workshops.

Educate Prospective Employees

Help high school students understand why computer science matters. Participate in one of our high school outreach programs as a guest speaker and deliver a realistic snapshot of the potential for careers and intellectual challenge. Host your own information session, tech talk, and job search skills workshops for our undergradudate and graduate students. 

Create a Student Scholarship

The (fill in the blank) computing scholarship -- that's got a nice ring to it! Especially when it's your company's name, or maybe even your own name, slotted into that sentence! Equate the name of your company with a scholarship that not only sounds good, but does good.

Fund New Equipment

Our students -- new and prospective -- would benefit from the sponsorship of equipment in the form of laptops as entry prizes. Or, our research labs have a variety of needs for equipment. Be a sponsor and make IT happen.

Support Peer Learning

Sponsor the CS Learning Centre and help support TA hours and/or equipment. The centre hires teaching assistants to assist students in first and second year courses and is open 38 hours per week.

Go to the ACM ICPC Worlds with our Top Programming Team

We've had the top programming team in the Pacific Northwest for 4 years straight. Think of the exposure your organization could get as one of the key sponsors of our team at the ACM ICPC World Finals.

Connect with UBC

Industry members can find out more about sponsored research and technology transfer at UBC by contacting the University-Industry Liaison Office.

Industry Point of Contact

Got a question about how to benefit from a connection to UBC Computer Science -- our students, our faculty, our research expertise, our knowledge? Contact us and together, we'll define a path that's mutually beneficial.

Industry point of contact

Michele Ng - 604-822-5693 

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