Research Faculty

Ronald Garcia

My research focuses on programming language semantics, design, and implementation, including language support for library-centric and modular software development, generic and generative programming, and domain specific languages and libraries.

  • Gradual Typing
  • Metaprogramming

Gregor Kiczales

My research is directed at enabling programmers to write programs that, as much as possible, look like their design. I believe that programs that clearly express the design structure they implement are easier to maintain, because questions about what a part of the program does, why it does that, and what other parts of the program depend on that behavior become easier to answer.

Gail Murphy

My research focuses on how to improve the productivity of software developers. We strive to build techniques and tools that will help developers today and a broader set of knowledge workers in the future. 

Eric Wohlstadter

My research interests are in the areas of software architecture, Web-based systems, cloud computing, and aspect-oriented programming.

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