Recommenders in Software Engineering

Recommendation systems can help a software developer be more productive.

SPL has had many projects aimed at software engineering recommendation systems. We have two current projects in this area.

Recommending Web Pages

Reverb is a tool we have developed to recommend past web pages a developer has found useful. Reverb watches what code is currently being edited and recommends previously visited web pages that include information related to that code.

For more information, see:

Nicholas Sawadsky, Gail C. Murphy and Rahul Jiresal. Reverb: Recommending code-related web pages. To appear in ICSE 2013.

Recommending Commands

Software developers use many complex tools, typically embedded in an integrated development environment (IDE). We have been investigating whether it is possible to recommend new commands to a developer that they would find useful for improving their workflow based on commands being used by others.

For more information, see:

Emerson R. Murphy-Hill Rahul Jiresal and Gail C. Murphy. Improving software developers' fluency by recommending development environment commands. SIGSOFT FSE 2012. 

Emerson R. Murphy-Hill and Gail C. Murphy. Peer interaction effectively, yet infrequently, enables programmers to discover new tools. CSCW 2011.

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