Browser Session Migration

Session migration is the act of transferring a session between browsers at runtime. Without burden to developers, our system allows users to create a snapshot image that captures all runtime state needed to resume the session elsewhere.

Empirical Studies of Model-driven Software Engineering

How is model-driven engineering really used in industry? We are part of a cross-Canada research network about model-oriented software engineering. We are conducting empirical studies about how models are being used in the automotive sector, including understanding what factors affect the efficient and effective use of models.

Partitioning Software Services for Hybrid Cloud Architecture

Hybrid cloud deployment can be an attractive option for companies wanting to deploy software services on scalable public clouds, while still assuming local control over sensitive data resources. Manticore is a new software profiling and partitioning framework.

Recommendation Systems in Software Engineering

Software developers perform many complex tasks using many tools that do many complex actions. We have a number of projects oriented at improving the work of software developers through recommenders aimed at software engineering tasks and artifacts.

Registration-Based Abstraction

Implementing abstractions in a non-tyrannical way.

Summarizing Software Artifacts

Are automatically generated summaries of unstructured (natural language) and structured (source code) software artifacts helpful for software developers?

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