Programming Languages for Artificial Intelligence (PLAI)

PLAIDr. Frank Wood’s PLAI Group performs applied probabilistic machine learning for real-world applications using tools and techniques from deep probabilistic programming. PLAI works with partners across the academic, public and private sectors developing production-quality, open-sourced software for computational neuroscience, image recognition, robotics and AI.

"Our research is about making new machine learning primitives, like SVMs and random forests but better, and figuring out how to automatically compose them into machine learning programs that solve the problem automatically". Dr. Frank Wood.

Among PLAI’s growing portfolio of projects are two long-term research contracts with DARPA, the US defense department agency developing advanced technology, and Inverted AI, a start-up company specialising in advanced probabilistic machine learning software for self-driving car companies.

PLAI Lab is an Intel Parallel Computing Center as part of the NERSC Big Data Center at Lawrence Berkeley National Labs.

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