Winter Term 1 2017W: September 5, 2017 - December 1, 2017

500101Fundamentals of Algorithm Design and Analysis
- Breadth Course for Theory
MW9:00-10:30DMP 101Anne Condon
501101Theory of Automata, Formal Languages and Computability
- Breadth Course for Theory
MWF16:00-17:00DMP 310Joel Friedman
508101Operating Systems
- Breadth Course for Computer Systems and Design
TR9:30-11:00DMP 101Andrew Warfield
513101Introduction to Formal Verification and Analysis
- Breadth Course for InterdisciplinaryArea
MW15:00-16:30DMP 201Alan Hu
526101Computer Animation
- Breadth Course for Graphics and Vision
TR14:00-15:30DMP 101Michiel van de Panne
527101Computer Communication Protocols
- Breadth Course for Computer Systems and Design
MW13:30-15:00DMP 101Ivan Beschastnikh
532S101Topics in Artificial Intelligence: Computational Neuroscience
- Depth Course
MW15:00-16:30ICCS 246Nicholas Swindale
534L101Topics in Data Management: Social and Information Networks
- Depth Course
TR11:00-12:30DMP 101Laks Lakshmanan
536F101Topics in Algorithms and Complexity: Computational Perspectives of Economic Questions
- Breadth course in Theory
TR9:30-11:00ORCH 4052Hu Fu
538A101Topics in Computer Systems: Concurrency and Parallelism
- Breadth Course for Computer Systems and Design
MW10:30-12:00DMP 101Alan Wagner
539F101Topics in Programming Languages: SD Productivity
- Depth Course
MW10:30-12:00ICCS 246Thomas Fritz
544101Human-Computer Interaction
- Breadth Course for HCI
TR11:00-12:30FSC 2330Joanna McGrenere

Information Visualization
Start: 12 September, 2017
End:    5 December, 2017
- Breadth Course for Interdisciplinary Area

T14:00-17:00FSC 2330Tamara Munzner


Winter Term 2 2017W: January 3, 2018 - April 6, 2018

507201Software Engineering
- Breadth Course for Software Engineering and Programming Languages
TR11:00-12:30ICCS 246Reid Holmes
521201Parallel Algorithms & Architecture
- Breadth Course for Computer Systems and Design
MW10:30-12:00DMP 101Mark Greenstreet
522201Artificial Intelligence II
- Breadth Course for Computational Intelligence
TR14:00-15:30DMP 101David Poole
530P201Topics in Information Processing: Sensorimotor Computation
- Breadth Course for Interdisciplinary Area
MW13:30-15:00DMP 101Dinesh Pai
532L201Topics in AI:  Multimodal Learning with Vision, Language and Sound
- Depth Course
TR11:00-12:30DMP 101Leonid Sigal
532R201Topics in AI: Graphical Models
- Depth Course
TR15:30-17:00DMP 101Siamak Ravanbakhsh
536E201Topics in Algorithms and Complexity: Graph Drawing
- Depth Course
TR9:30-11:00DMP 101William Evans
540201Machine Learning
T2A M 17:00-18:00 DMP 110
- Breadth Course for Data Management and Analysis
MWF16:00-17:00DMP 110Mark Schmidt
542G201Topics in Numerical Computation: Scientific Computing
- Breadth Course for Scientific Computing
TR9:30-11:00ICCS 246Chen Greif & Uri Ascher
554K201Topics in Human-Computer Interaction: Designing for People Project
Start: Wed 3 Jan, 2018
End:   Term 1 of Summer 2018
- Depth Course
W12:00-2:00FSC 2330

Mike Van der Loos
Karon Maclean

554Y201Topics in Human-Computer Interaction: Multimodal Interaction
- Depth Course
TR2:00-3:30FSC 2330Dongwook Yoon