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UBC CS TR-93-05 Summary

On Seeing Robots, March 1993 Alan K. Mackworth, 13 pages

Good Old Fashioned Artificial Intelligence and Robotics (GOFAIR) relies on a set of restrictive Omniscient Fortune Teller Assumptions about the agent, the world and their relationship. The emerging Situated Agent paradigm is challenging GOFAIR by grounding the agent in space and time, relaxing some of those assumptions, proposing new architectures and integrating perception, reasoning and action in behavioral modules. GOFAIR is typically forced to adopt a hybrid architecture for integrating signal-based and symbol-based approaches because of the inherent mismatch between the corresponding on-line and off-line computational models. It is argued that Situated Agents should be designed using a unitary on-line computational model. The Constraint Net model of Zhang and Mackworth satisfies that requirement. Two systems for situated perception built in our laboratory are described to illustrate the new approach: one for visual monitoring of a robot's arm, the other for real-time visual control of multiple robots competing and cooperating in a dynamic world.

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