Technical Reports

The ICICS/CS Reading Room

1986 UBC CS Technical Report Titles

Retracts of Numerations --- out of print
Akira Kanda

TR-86-02 (Abstract not available on-line)
Choices in, \& Limitations of, Logic Programming
Paul J. Voda

The Bit Complexity of Randomized Leader Election on a Ring
Karl Abrahamson, Andrew Adler, Rachel Gelbart, Lisa Higham and David G. Kirkpatrick

A Distributed Kernel for Reliable Group Communication
Samuel T. Chanson and K. Ravindran

Host Identification in Reliable Distributed Kernels
Samuel T. Chanson and K. Ravindran

Semi-Automatic Implementation of Network Protocols
Daniel A. Ford

Implementation of Microcomputers in Elementary Schools: A Survey and Evaluation --- don't reprint
Christine Chan

Implementation of Team Shoshin: An Exercise in Porting and Multiprocess Structuring of the Kernel
Huay Wang and Yong

Precomplete Negation \& Universal Quantification
Paul J. Voda

Model \& Solution Strategy for Placement of Rectangular Blocks in the Euclidean Plane
Amir Alon and Uri Ascher

TR-86-12 (Abstract not available on-line)
Shape Analysis
Robert J. Woodham

TR-86-13 (Abstract not available on-line)
Structuring Reliable Interactions in Distributed Server Architectures
K. Ravindran and Samuel T. Chanson

TR-86-14 (Abstract not available on-line)
Reasoning with Incomplete Information Investigations of Non-Monotonic Reasoning
David W. Etherington

TR-86-15 (Abstract not available on-line)
Productive Sets and Constructively Nonpartial-Recursive Functions
Akira Kanda

On the Visual Discrimination of Self-Similar Random Textures
R. Rensink

Additional Requirements for Matrix \& Transposed Matrix Products
M. Kaminski, David G. Kirkpatrick and N. H. Bshouty

Conditioning of the Steady State Semiconductor Service Problem
Uri Ascher, P. A. Markowich, C. Schmeiser, H. Steinruck and R. Weiss

On Collocation Implementation for Singularly Perturbed Two-Point Problems
Uri Ascher and Simon Jacobs

A Semi-Automatic Approach to Protocol Implementation --- The ISO Class 2 Transport Protocol as an Example
Allen C. Lau

TR-86-21 (Abstract not available on-line)
Handling Call Idempotency Issues in Replicated Distributed Programs
K. Ravindran and Samuel T. Chanson

TR-86-22 (Abstract not available on-line)
Factors and Flows
P. Hell and David G. Kirkpatrick

An Environment Theory with Precomplete Negation over Pairs
James H. Andrews

Compiling Functional Programming Constructs to a Logic Engine
Harvey Abramson and Peter Ludemann

Efficiently Implementing Pure Prolog or: Not ``YAWAM''
Peter Ludemann

Probabilistic Solitude Detection on Rings of Known Size
Karl Abrahamson, Andrew Adler, Lisa Higham and David G. Kirkpatrick

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