Technical Reports

The ICICS/CS Reading Room

1979 UBC CS Technical Report Titles

In Search of an Optimal Machine Architecture for BCPL
R. Agarwal and Samuel T. Chanson

Anaphoria in natural Language Understanding: A Survey
Graeme Hirst

TR-79-03 (Abstract not available on-line)
Equality and Domain Closure in First Order Data Bases
Raymond Reiter

TR-79-04 (Abstract not available on-line)
Programming Skill Acquisition --- Progress Report
V. Manis

Multi-process Structuring and the THOTH Operating System
David R. Cheriton

TR-79-06 (Abstract not available on-line)
Message-Passing, Spaces and Agents
David R. Cheriton

Saturation Estimation in Interactive Computer Systems
Samuel T. Chanson

A Logic for Default Reasoning
Raymond Reiter

TR-79-09 (Abstract not available on-line)
Designing an Operating System to be Verifiable
David R. Cheriton

Process Identification in THOTH
David R. Cheriton

Three BCPL Machines
Harvey Abramson

The Pica-B Computer
Harvey Abramson, Mark Fox, J. Peck, V. Manis and M. Gorlick

TR-79-13 (Abstract not available on-line)
Approaching Discourse Computationally: A Review
Richard S. Rosenberg

Representation Spatial Experience \& Solving Spatial Problems in a Simulated Robot Environment
Peter Forbes Rowat

TR-79-15 (Abstract not available on-line)
The Design of a Verifiable Operating System Kernel
T. Lockhart

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