How can I get involved outside the classroom?

The department has many ways for students to engage outside the classroom.

Volunteer opportunities:

  • Most committees have at least one undergraduate and graduate student representative.
  • You may become an executive member of the Computer Science Students Society (CSSS).
  • You can become a mentor or a mentee through the Tri-Mentoring Program.
  • Girlsmart workshops for Grade 6 girls and the TechTrek workshops for grade 8-12 high school students.

The department is always eager to meet students who are willing to share their knowledge with high school students, especially if you are a good public speaker and enjoy speaking in front of groups.

The Department is always in need of volunteers to help with outreach events. For more information on getting involved with the department, please contact Michele Ng at mng@cs.ubc.ca or 604-822-5693, or Giuliana Villegas at villegas@cs.ubc.ca or 604-822-2213.

Paid opportunities

  • You take a semester to go on a Co-op work term with a company.
  • You can help other students by being a paid Teaching Assistant - See Student Careers for job postings.
  • You can apply to do work as a paid Research Assistant - See Student Careers for job postings.