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Academic Integrity

University Policy on Academic Integrity

“Academic honesty is essential to the continued functioning of the University of British Columbia as an institution of higher learning and research. All UBC students are expected to behave as honest and

Get Involved

There are many opportunities for students in Computer Science to get invovled: volunteer for the department, enter competitions, and come to events - from career info-sessions to department mixers.

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Previous Projects

Summer 2019

Giuseppe Carenini

Project 1. Interpreting and Comparing NLP models.

Program Activities

Kickoff event, with speed mentoring activity. Kickoff events have approximately 120 students and mentors in total attending. The event begins with mentors and mentees meeting, enjoying some light refreshments, and doing some informal networking.

Matching Process

All tri-mentoring participants are assigned to a mentoring trio, consisting of industry mentor, senior student (usually 3rd or 4th year) and junior student (usually 2nd year).

We consider multiple factors when matching up trios, including:

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