Department Reading Groups and Seminars

Undergrad students are encouraged to participate in reading groups and seminars conducted by various research groups in the department. This is typically a non-time intensive way to get involved, and is therefore the first and best way to learn about a research area and to get to know the faculty and graduate students in that area.

Research-Based Courses

The department's Reading Room offers a great resource for all grad and undergrad research

Students in our Honours or Combined Honours programs should consider CPSC 349 and 449. Students in other programs should consider CPSC 448.

Doctoral Program

For full details on the PhD programs, see the PhD Program.

The UBC Department of Computer Science PhD program has four main components:

Part-Time Master's Program

The UBC Computer Science Department has recently paved the way for students in local industry to take graduate courses on a part-time basis, leading to an MSc in Computer Science. Studying part time allows students to continue to work while advancing their career and to keep their knowledge up-to-date in this fast-moving field. This page contains critical information for prospective students considering this program. Please note that unlike the other graduate options at the UBC Department of Computer Science, the Part-Time Master's Program has an application deadline of December 15.

PhD-Track MSc Program

We are excited about the new PhD Track within our MSc program that we have recently created. Admission to the PhD Track is limited and highly competitive.

For full details on the PhD Track within our MSc program, see the PhD Track Program.

Grad Programs

Poojav Viswanathan, Ph.D. Candidate in Artificial Intelligence (photo by Martin Dee, Public Affairs)
We offer multiple versatile program options, including: 

Full-Time Master's Programs

For full details on the master's programs, see the MSc Program

e-Portfolio Competition

Poster presentations and discussion

The Computer Science department organizes an annual e-Portfolio competition for our undergraduate students.

Why Enter?

More and more employers now ask job applicants to include samples of their work (or a link to a website where these are hosted) in their application.

By developing an e-portfolio (online samples of your work) for the contest, you’ll be ready to creatively showcase your best technical skills.

iTalk - Modern Mobile Development

Thursday, January 27, 2011 | 6:00pm
C180, UBC Robson Square

Developing for modern mobile platforms such as the iPhone, Android, and Mobile Web has become a profitable industry for the specialists and early adopters that currently dominate the mobile development scene. However, outside of that core, there is often a lot of confusion and misconception about the tools, process, and best practices around mobile development. This talk aims to break down the barriers, explaining the methodologies, similarities, and unique challenges of mobile development compared to more established development platforms.


Departmental Research Areas:

Each research area within the Department of Computer Science has a lab that brings together researchers focused in that area. UBC is a research-intensive university and the Department of Computer Science is known to have a conscious focus on interdisciplinary research.

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