DARPA awards LWLL contract to UBC’s Department of Computer Science

In another big win for the Department of Computer Science, UBC has been awarded a $1.3 million grant from DARPA, the US government agency researching breakthrough technology in the defence industry.

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UBC’s PLAI group wins $2.8 million D3M contract from DARPA

UBC’s Programming Languages for Artificial Intelligence (PLAI) group has won the largest grant ever awarded to a faculty member from DARPA, the US government agency responsible for developing breakthrough technology for the defence industry.

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Talk by Ian Goldberg (University of Waterloo)

Friday, November 22, 2019 | 4:00pm - 5:00pm
Forest Sciences Building (2424 Main Mall), Room 1001

Title:  Walking Onions: Scaling Anonymity Networks while Protecting Users


CS Professor Frank Wood's Paper Etalumis Nominated for Best Paper Finalist at Supercomputing 2019

The paper Etalumis: Bringing Probabilistic Programming to Scientific Simulators is a best paper finalist at Supercomputing 2019, which will take place Nov 17-22, 2019 in Denver. Prof. Frank Wood of UBC Computer Science is the senior author and his former postdoc at Oxford Güneş Baydin is the first author.

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UBC Computer Science wins two Test of Time Awards at IEEE VIS 2019

UBC Computer Science wins two test-of-time awards at IEEE VIS 2019, taking place Oct 20-25, in Vancouver for the first time.  Congratulation to Professor Tamara Munzner, UBC alum Hamish Carr, former UBC Professor Jack Snoeyink, and Professor Michiel van de Panne!

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CS Professor Mark Schmidt Shares His Thoughts on the Future of Machine Learning

Canada Research Chair in Large-Scale Machine Learning and UBC Associate Professor Mark Schmidt helps us decode 'machine learning':

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Unauthorized Access to Smartphones: It's Complicated!

Computer Science professor Ivan Beschastnikh, University of Lisbon researchers Diogo Marques, Tiago Guerreiro, and Lois Carrico offer insights into motives and outcomes aorund phone snooping:

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CS Professor Giuseppe Carenini, Postdoc Hyeju Jang Develop Algorithms to Predict Dementia

UBC Computer Science Professor Giuseppe Carenini, postdoctoral fellow Hyeju Jang, and graduate student Weirui Kong worked with Neurology professor Thalia Field to develop accurate machine learning algorithms that can predict dementia based on language patterns:

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Robert Xiao wins 2019 SIGCHI Outstanding Dissertation Award

UBC Assistant Professor Robert Xiao was awarded a 2019 SIGCHI Outstanding Dissertation Award by SIGCHI, the premier international society for human-technology and human-computer interaction (HCI).

Robert Xiao’s dissertation (‘On-World Computing Enabling Interaction on Everyday Surfaces’), completed at CMU, introduces on-world computing, an interaction paradigm in which touch-sensitive interactive content is projected out onto surfaces in the natural world.

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CS Professor Frank Wood Receives ICML Best Paper Honourable Mention

UBC Computer Science Associate Professor Frank Wood and his University of Oxford colleagues Adam Golinski, Yee Whye Teh, and Tom Rainforth are the recipients of the International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML) Best Paper Honourable Mention.  Their paper titled Amortized Monte Carlo Integration was presented at the ICML Conference in

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