Dept. Information


The Department of Computer Science is its people. We have a world-renowned faculty, top students, and talented staff.

How do I find out about current news in the department?

Current news is available on our web site at Major department and other science- and technology-related events can be accessed there via the "Events" menu-item. We also have a comprehensive department calendar and calendars to a user-group show up on various sub-pages. 

Where is the department located?

Our main building is the ICICS/CS Building, located at 2366 Main Mall and recognizable by the unique tetrahedron hanging above the entrance. The majority of student lectures take place at the Dempster Pavilion, located at 6245 Agronomy Road.

How does UBC Computer Science compare with other Canadian computer science departments?

We are recognized as one of the top computer science departments in Canada, typically compared with the Departments of Computer Science at the University of Toronto and the University of Waterloo. Our strengths arise from the reputation of our research, the quality of our teaching, and the collegial, student-inclusive atmosphere that we see as conducive to quality learning.

Advising Guidelines

In an effort to ensure consistency in advice given to students by Faculty of Science advisors and Computer Science department advisors, the following guidelines are in effect. That means that department advisors will no longer answer questions about

Alumni Panel Series

The Intent of the Series

The CS Alumni Panel Series brings UBC CS alumni together with current and prospective students to discuss how a Computer Science degree fits into our lives. Why choose to do a degree in computer science? Where can we go with