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What are the requirements to enroll in a mini-stream?
Mini-streams are self-contained units. The only requirements are the pre-req and other requirements of the individual courses in the mini-stream.

Are there more mini-streams to choose from? Can I design my own?
More mini-streams are being considered. Because of their self-contained nature, designing your own mini-stream is certainly possible: just find a sequence of 3-4 CS courses that you are interested in taking! But you may want to get help from a CS department advisor to do so. They will also be able to advise you on pending course pre-requisite changes that can facilitate your stream.

I might be interested in a mini-stream but I’m not sure. Or I’m not sure which one. How can I decide?
One option is to talk to a CS department advisor. Or, because mini-streams tend to start with CPSC 110, you could start by taking that course, and using the exposure you get to computer science to decide what direction you want to go.

Do I get a certificate saying that I have completed a mini-stream?
No. Mini-streams are small self-contained sets of electives. Your transcript will of course say you took the courses, and you will have the knowledge that can help you going forward.