I am now a graduate student in the Computer Science Department of the University of British Columbia. My research interests are computer graphics, physically based animation, computer vision, and machine learning.


B.Sc.(2003) in Computer Science, Peking University


Fall 2003: CPSC 540: Machine Learning 

Term Project: Car Simulation Using Reinforcement Learning

[Demo- C++, OpenGL tar.gz  Report – pdf]

Fall 2003: CPSC 514: Advanced Graphics

Term Project: Voxel Coloring


Fall 2003: CPSC 590: Research Methods in Computer Science

Research Proposal: Free-Hand 3D Reconstruction in Real-Time

[Research Proposal – pdf  Budget Justification – pdf  Public Release Abstract – pdf]

Spring 2004: CPSC 525: Image Understanding (II)

Term Project: Constructing 3D Objects from a Single Sketch


Spring 2004: CPSC 533B: Animation Physics

Term Project: Implementation of Particle Collisions


Fall 2004: CPSC 526: Computer Animation

Term Project: Voice Driven Animation System


TA Experience

CPSC 111: Introduction to Computation

CPSC 320: Intermediate Algorithm Design and Analysis

CPSC 411: Introduction to Compiler Construction

CPSC 425: Computer Vision

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My supervisor: Michiel van de Panne

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