Ye Fan

Sensorimotor System Lab
The University of British Columbia
Email: yefan [at]

Interests: Computer Animation; Musculoskeletal Simulation; Numerical Methods;


M.Sc. in Computer Science, The University of British Columbia. Sensorimotor System Lab, supervised by Dinesh K. Pai

2006~2010 B.Eng. in Software Engineering, Shanghai Jiaotong University. Digital Art Lab, supervised by Xubo Yang


Active Volumetric Musculoskeletal Systems
Ye Fan, Joshua Litven, and Dinesh K. Pai
ACM Transactions on Graphics 2014 (Proceedings of SIGGRAPH 2014)
[paper] [project page]

Master Thesis: Eulerian Finite Volume Method for Musculoskeletal Simulation and Data-driven Activation
June 2013

Eulerian-on-Lagrangian Simulation
Ye Fan, Joshua Litven, David I.W. Levin, and Dinesh K. Pai.
ACM Transactions on Graphics 2013, presented at SIGGRAPH 2013.
[paper] [video] [slides] [project page]

Creating and Preserving Vortical Details in SPH Fluid
Bo Zhu, Xubo Yang and Ye Fan
Pacific Graphics 2010
[paper] [project page]

Interesting Projects during Undergrad:

Designed and built a spherical display based a camera-projector system. It supports multi-touch interaction on sphere. [video]

Designed and implemented a novel Chinese input method based on sliding gestures. It has been reported by many newspapers and websites. [download][video1] [video2]