Stunt Master --- Java version

This java applet is a much-simplified version of the PC game. The game emulates the physics involved in performing acrobatic ski stunts. With practice you can perform stunts ranging from double front and back flips off the kicker jump to successfull jumps over the wall.

In most games you hit a button to do a pre-recorded stunt such as a flip. In this game doing the stunt is up to you. The stunts in this game are the outcome of a physics simulation and your own skill in steering the skier through various body poses using the mouse. Want to change a planned double flip into a triple flip? Do a tighter 'tuck' so that you spin faster, as in real life.

Instruction summary
  • click inside the applet to ensure mouse focus
  • 'space' starts and stops the simulation
  • 'ESC' will stop the simulation or a 'replay'
  • mouse position controls the skier pose:
      move up:     extend
      move down:   crouch
      move left:   lean back
      move right:  lean forward
  • adjust the 'Speed' and 'Zoom' sliders as necessary;
    simulation speed is a function of both your machine and browser
  • has been tested on a 733 Mhz PC with the following browsers:
    IE 5.0 (fast), NN 6.0 (fast), NN 4.73 (slow)
  • let the demo playback finish before starting a simulation

Start Playing!