UDLS was conceived sometime in the autumn of 2006 in the 8th floor lounge (the “7th floor lounge,” as it was known then). Like so many other ugly and unloved children, it is the product of late-night drunkenness, and only gets attention for a few minutes each week.

UDLS’s paternity is murky. On first impression, it would seem to be a bastard of the UBC CS department’s Distinguished Lecture Series, though this does not seem possible given DLS’s prudishness and chaste attitude. The true father is likely to be one of (or possibly all) three primary suspects: Emtiyaz Khan, Lucas Rizoli, and Uwe Schmidt. These three were known to have fooled around with the idea of a student-run lecture series late at night after a few too many drinks at Koerner’s Pub. Their long, boozy bullshit sessions on Fridays were where they “idea-fucked.”

The series was born on January 19, 2007. Lucas delivered the first lecture (“Communication is Viral”) to a very small audience of CS grads. These students were unwilling witnesses at first, but later seemed to be intrigued and disgusted in equal measure (as are witnesses of any birth).

UDLS has matured considerably (though it still requires supervision and an occasional beating—as do all young children). It’s even been trotted out to meet guests, such as prospective grad students.

In early 2008, UDLS was adopted by the UBC CSGSA. Despite being the series’ foster-parent, the CSGSA remains distant.