Fishery View

Improvement of Time Series Line Chart Visualization of Fishery Data

CPSC 533C Course Project Proposa

November 4, 2005

Project Team:

Ying Zhang,

Lan Wu,

Project Consultant: Sherman Lai at UBC Fishery Department

Project Domain, Task, and Dataset:

The UBC Fishery Department has a software application system called Ecopath, developed along with an ongoing research project using present and historical records of marine species population and biometrics to analyze and predict the trends of fish population with respect to the interconnection of marine species in a food network and the degree of human fishing impact on the marine population.

Currently the prediction of impact on fishing is presented in form of a line chart with fish groups represented by different colors. However, due to the number of lines drawn on the screen, the chart suffers from an overload of visual information cluttering and overlapping. Thus, it is very difficult to retrieve any comprehensive information from the line chart system. See Figure 1. Groups of different fish species are interrelated though a diet matrix table that describes the amount of each group eats another group.

The project aims to optimize the line charts of fish population and visualize the information and trends in a more comprehensible way and give viewers a clear visual representation and interaction of the line chart.

The project is based on the data provided by the UBC Fishery Department.

  Striped bass YOY Striped bass resident Striped bass migratory reef assoc. fish
Striped bass YOY 0.0 0.454 0.454 0.454
Striped bass resident 0.031 0.0 0.004 0.147
Striped bass migratory 4.447 0.160 0.0 0.046
reef assoc. fish 0.536 0.423 1.026 0.0

Personal Expertise:

Humans will often fail when presented with a large set of data in many variables, and faced with analyzing the data to discover trends or outliers. Multiple views are often required to discover correlations as well as keep track of relationships between different dimensions of data: both questions and individual respondents.

In terms of expertise, although Ying has taken an introductory biology course at UBC, and neither Ying nor Lan has any background in fishery, this seems like an interesting problem.

Proposed Infovis Solution:

Usage Scenario:

The user wants to see the relation of a specific fish species (Halibut) with other marine biomass in a food web. Since the data is already available in the Fishery View tool in Ecopath application, the user activates the application and the tool; he then goes to the line graph drawing page and clicks the drawing button to have the lines of all fish species drawn in a plot system.

Implementation Approach:

We propose to improve the Fishery View tool using Visual Studio.Net. The interaction and visualization will be implemented using the C#.Net and Visual Basic.Net

Project Milestones