Assignment #1

These images illustrates the effects cigarettes will have on the human body over time. The effect include the following: addiction, premature wrinkles, cataracts, mouth cancers, skin damage, throat cancer, psoriasis, heart disease, lung disease, and stomach ulcers. Both images try to pursuade people to not take up smoking or quit smoking.

Sample of Good Visualization

This image is a good one because even without the words on the side, you get a good idea of what the poster is about. It also uses "zoomed" in boxes to show what parts of the body that cigaretting smoke affects. The image is colorful, clear and quite informative. I

Sample of Bad Visualization

This image is not as good as the top one at showing the effects of smoking on the body because it is not very clear what the image is at first glance. In fact, you cannot even really relate to it when you first look at it as it doesnt' even look human. Also, there are no zoom boxes like the top image which helps clarify things.Instead the authors of this image use black numbers to label the parts which are not clear and are difficult to read as they are right on top of the image. (Image from a magazine called Color published in 1997). However, once you understand what it really is, it effectively turns you away from smoking. However, it is quite misleading as smokers dont' really become this monstrous image after smoking.