CS 533 Assignment 0

Brian de Alwis

The Good

Wang, Lee and Zeevat (1993). Reasoning with Diagrammatic Representations. JVLC 3 (republished in Glasgow et al. (1995). Diagrammatic Reasoning: Cognitive and Computational Perspectives. AAAI Press/MIT Press)

This diagram is part of an illustration of the effect of several language primitives. This particular diagram illustrates the result of using the overlap primitive.

Why good?

  • Simple, conveys point.
  • All elements contribute to the understanding; there is no extraneous information.

The Ugly

Nejmeh (1995). Process Cost and Value Analysis. CACM 38(6)

This particular diagram illustrates the suggested sequence for evaluating and improving a particular software development processes.

Why ugly?

  • Chartjunk: Ugly explosion, unnecessary gradient
  • Different font from text and caption
  • Different styles of arrow at bottom