CPSC 533C: Information Visualization
Project Proposal
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Project Team: Ming Huan Lee
Topic: InfoHoop (Basketball Stats Visualization)
The objective of this project is to create a InfoVis sysyem that provides usefull information regarding to the NBA (National Basketball Association) from the scope as large as the Western/Eastern conferences to the smallest detail such as the stats of each individual professional player.  This tool would be useful for those who are new to the sport and do wish to know more about the NBA, or for those who like to keep in track of the performance of their favorite teams or players, or for those who simply love the game.
The project consists of 3 major phases. The first phase is critical and necessary for the implementation of the project.  The completion of the 2nd and 3rd phases are optional and it depends upon the time constraint and resource availability.
Phase 1
This includes of the complete working interface (see below) that analyzes the individual player stats with respect to the teams (29), positions (guards, forwards and centers), divisions (Atlantic, Central, Midwest and Pacific) ,and conferences (Western and Eastern).
Phase 2 (optional)
This allows the chronological comparision of each of the above levels.
Phase 3 (optional)
Eventually, the system can be flexible and scalable to other sports leagues such as NHL or NFL.
The following descriptions apply primarily to
Phase 1.
(1) This allows the change of the legend types so that the scatter graph (3) in the middle (whether with glyph mode (2) on or not) can be colour-coded according to different levels. 
(2) This provides an extra dimension to the scatter graph (not just normal points, but different circle sizes with respect to players' ages or the number of games they played during the season).
(3) A scatter graph corresponds to players' scoring and non-scoring abilities (details in (4)).
(4) A detailed analysis of the individual player's scoring (total points scored, total number of three-pointers, field goal percentage and free throw percentage) and non-scoring (rebounds, assists, steals and blocks) attributes comparing to the rest of the league.
(5) This provides the individual player's detail info and bios.
(6) This shows the coloured legend of the current chosen type (1).
The project will be implemented in Java under Windows 2000.