Interactive User Interfaces
in Information Visualization

Human-Computer Interaction
-- The Triple Agent Model

Interactive User Interfaces Design
for Information Visualization

What is Cognitive Coprocessor ?

Cognitive Coprocessor Architecture

Why Cognitive Coprocessor ?

of Cognitive Coprocessor

Information Workspaces

UI Architecture

UI Architecture

How Cognitive Coprocessor Works ?

How Cognitive Coprocessor Works ?

Interactive Objects

3D Navigation and Manipulation

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Example: 3D-Room (The Exploratory)

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Cognitive Coprocesser & Information Visualizer

Dynamic Queries

Dynamic Queries: Advantages

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Examples: Periodic Table of the Elements


Visual Information Seeking:
Tight coupling of dynamic query filters with starfield display

Tight Coupling

Tight Coupling (Contd.)

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Response of 18 Subjects using HomeFinder

Example: FilmFinder

Example: FilmFinder



Dynamic Queries: Pros & Cons

Dynamic Queries:
 Contributions to Interactive User Interfaces