CPSC 414 Hall of Fame, Dec 2003

CPSC 414, Computer Graphics
Instructor: Tamara Munzner
Term 1, 2003-2004

Final Project Requirements: design and implement your own game, singly or in groups of two or three.

Top Three

Best In Show: Imp
by Todd White and Travis Miller

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Most Haunting: Track
by Roland Roy Santos, David Douglas

Track is a no-frills 3D rail shooter. Your only job is to survive while following a predetermined flightpath, and in the process, accumulate as many points as you can. Press the left mouse button to fire a powerful missile that tracks enemies and the right mouse button to fire an anti-projectile laser beam. Enemies are set to indefinite spawn, so good luck.

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Best First-Person Shooter: Snow King Palace
by David Westrom

SnowKing Palace is a Descent style ship flying game where you can move in 3D and are charged with the task of infiltrating the evil SnowKing's palace and assassinating him. Recently the SnowKing has gained power over the weather, and of course has produced a never-ending snow over the land. The towns in the area have hired you to enter his palace and remove the SnowKing so that the land might be returned to its former state. Be careful however, the SnowKing has been informed you are on the premises and has rallied his troops and is prepared for you. You must fight your way through the entrance hall, dark passageways, a battle in the courtyard, a dungeon, and eventually meet the SnowKing himself for a showdown. Get ready for a snowball fight!

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Honorable Mentions

Best Tutorial: Greg Kempe

The tutorial shows how Newtonian physics can be applied to a system of particles and forces. Each particle has a small mass and its velocity is influenced by gravity and other forces, providing realistic---and surprisingly complex---movement. The tutorial shows particles simulating three water fountains, two with gravity applied and one without (just for fun). It has two modes: design and render mode. Design mode allows the user to update the particle and force characteristics in realtime and render mode applies texturing etc. to give a visually pleasing result.

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Best Twitch Game: Tekkai
by Geoffrey Tien

Bullets and laser beams fill the sky in Tekkai. You must perform daredevil manoevres to evade destruction while blazing your own weapons against the enemy.

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Note: This software is best compiled and run on the Linux machines in CICSR 011. Make sure the required texture files are in the same directory.

Best Use of Terrain in Gameplay: SingedDirt
by Chris Burns

SingedDirt is, a 3D ripoff of the classic Scorched Earth PC artillery game. For those unfamiliar with Scorched Earth, the game involved two tanks which would take turns trying to kill each other with a diverse array of weapons. SingedDirt is similar, but has 3D fractal terrain.

Best Use of Advanced Graphics Techniques: Snow Fight
by Herbert Chow

In SnowFight you simply aim with the mouse holding down the right mouse button and then press space bar to shoot. You can press '+' and '-' keys to adjust your throw strength. Features include a particle system which generates snow flakes, a physics and collision detection engine which simulate real world physics, sphere environment mapping and other tricks which give the illusion of reflective surfaces on objects and the ground.

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Best Use of Primates: Jordan Lee

Most Quirky: Monolith Burger Simulator
by Aaron Hui

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Most Addictive Simplicity: Space Hoops
by Lucie Fortin and Shari Nakahara

Space hoops is a basic flying game. The object of the game is to use the arrow keys to maneuver a spaceship through a track of hoops without hitting the edges. Successfully flying through a hoop will cause a green ball to light up and gain the player 10 points. If the edge of a hoop is hit it will light up red and cause the player to lose life force points. Once a player has lost 3 lives their ship explodes GAMEOVER. One trick to the game is, the green balls will sucked the ship through the hoop at a faster rate so you must make sure you have entered the hoop in the best possible position otherwise it will suck you straight into the hoop itself. At anytime you can increase you speed of flying using the number keys or reset/quit the game by left clicking with the mouse over the appropriate word.

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