Visualization Analysis and Design

Author: Tamara Munzner
Publisher: A K Peters
Date: To appear, October 2014.

Final book page with pre-ordering links

The official book will be ready in late September or early October. Please contact me if you would definitely like to adopt this book to teach in fall term starting August or September 2014. We can arrange with the publisher for you to have early electronic copies of the first several chapters made available to you and your students (galley proofs with copyedited text, real figures, and real layout). Then for those who want hardcopy books, they'd be dropshipped directly to your university bookstore so that they arrive a few weeks earlier than with standard shipping channels.

If you decide at the very last minute to use it, you could start the term with the draft 4 version below, then switch over the real thing by partway through the term.

Pre-publication early and incomplete drafts: far from finished. Do not quote. Many things will change!

Tamara Munzner
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